What will you build?

The Brick Labs facility hosts parties, clubs for builders of all ages, and team workshops.

After-School Club Programs

Register now for our after-school and weekend clubs! Our 10-week clubs start mid January!

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Discover your inner brickness

Parties & Birthdays

A qualified Block Technician will guide guests through 2 hours of LEGO® packed fun and learning. Choose from one of 4 fully-equipped labs: Studio Lab, Art & Architecture Lab, Robotics Lab, or Transportation Lab. Pizza is provided and for parties we’ll serve your cake.

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Clubs & Drop Ins

We have a guided club for every age group, where you can challenge yourself and fellow builders. Our 4 themed labs teach everything from movie making to robotics. Whether you’ve never played with LEGO®, or you’re a master builder, you will learn something new and have fun! Our programs run for 10 weeks and each session is 90 minutes long.

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Facilitated Learning

Brick Labs has crafted programs for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, families, and sports teams. Specific problem solving events include communication ground rules, developing values and visions statements, creating effective learning/high performance teams, breaking down corporate silos, and more. Each event is tailored to your organizations needs and desired outcomes.

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