Our mission is to build creative, curious and confident learners in our community.

The Brick Labs facility hosts parties, clubs for builders of all ages, and team workshops.

The Learning Continuity Program - Updated 2 August

September 2020 Learning Continuity Program - Applications are now available.
In response to parents concerns about their children's education, we've developed the Learning Continuity Program: A STEAM based curriculum delivered to a small group of students in our unique, maker space facility. We've just added a full-day/full-week option due to parent's concerns about how the public school system's planning is rolling out. For more information, click on the Learning Continuity Tab at the top of the page.

We have introduced bursaries for high potential students. Please contact us for more information.

Discover your inner brickness

Summer Camps 2020

Summer Camps are well underway, and we are truly enjoying the on-site/virtual mix of campers. With our dual host system, campers on both side of the screen get to interact, build, and engage in exciting LEGO builds.
We are really down to the last few spots for on-site camps for this summer (unless we move to stage 3 when we will open up another 2 spots per week). Virtual camps still have space in August, but they are going quickly.
Please give us a call if you need assistance in booking. 416-901-1390

September - STEAM 2020 - Weekly Programs

Our STEAM 2020 weekend programs return this fall. We will start with 6 of our most popular programs, with 3 of them being available virtually as well as on-site. Programs will run Saturday mornings starting mid-September: 8 weeks long, 1 hour per week with rolling enrollment. We will start with limited enrollment to allow for proper social distancing. Click on STEAM 2020 -Fall on our main menu for more details.

On-Site Parties Return in August

After careful review of public health rules and regulations, we will begin to offer on-site parties beginning in August. On-Site events will be limited to 10 people (includes parents and children). No food or drinks are permitted. Non-attending parents are not permitted in the facility. Screening will take place of all guests prior to admittance. All that being said, we have created an event that will be loads of fun. We have three main activities taking place over 90 minutes, plus a unique LEGO built "cake" for photo ops and "candle blow out". Themes available. Party Schedule - "Search and Find" in our updated lobby displays, themed creative build, "cake" ceremony and a take home LEGO build. Children will also receive our unique Brick Labs Water Bottle. All activities are socially distanced, and each builder works with their own sanitized brick bundle. $375 plus HST. Limited times, as we can only have one event in the facility at a time.

We also continue to offer virtual parties. We have times available on evenings and weekends. Parties are 60 minutes and we do a LEGO creative build and share for the kids. Recommended ages are 5 and up. Recommended group size up to 12. Cost is $49 for the event.