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The Brick Labs facility hosts parties, clubs for builders of all ages, and team workshops.

Summer Camp registration now open!

There's still space in our Brick Labs summer camps! Register now for a full-week, single full days or single half-days. Brick Labs' camps start June 17th and run until the last week of August.
We've also added Saturday morning Team S.T.E.A.M workshops (STEM with a creativity component) for the summer. These are 1.75hr collaborative, role-playing learning events at 10am. You can sign-up for each event individually, as needed!

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What's Going on This Month.

June marks the home-stretch of school. There is a PD Day on June 7th, and we will be open with a fun-filled program. Our camps start June 17th with Creator Camp, followed by Innovator Camp on June 24th . We are still busy doing School Fun Fairs: Thurs June 6th - Elkhorn Public School and Fri Jun 21st - Norman Ingram Middle School. On the 1st, the weather held out, and we were able to party with the families at Denlow PS. Great event put on by the parent council.
If you are member of a parent council, and looking for a lunch time extra-curricular for the fall, please contact us soon, as our instructors are booking quickly. Contact John@bricklabs.ca directly for more information.

We're looking for a full-time program coordinator and a full-time instructor for the fall. If you are a LEGO lover, enjoy being creative and innovative, please send us your resume. john@bricklabs.ca

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Field Trips - Make the most of hands on learning.

Brick Labs prides ourselves on customizing our field trips to suit the learning needs of your students. We've worked with some amazing teachers and students from Grades 1 to 12 in interactive, hands on workshops and exercises. STEAM, mechanics, bridge building, system studies, data management and more.
We recently conducted a workshop using the LEGO Serious Play methodology for a high school sports team. We facilitated a discussion around being an encouraging team mate. Exciting to see the bonds and communication grow before our eyes.

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Successful Kids Need Time to Play

I came across this publication from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It clearly lays out the different types of play and how it enhances your child's well being. Minda Zetlin writes a brief summary here: https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/raising-successful-kids-unstructured-playtime-benefits-american-academy-pediatrics-pediatricians.html.

"The definition of play is elusive. However, there is a growing consensus that it is an activity that is intrinsically motivated, entails active engagement, and results in joyful discovery."

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