Learning Continuity Program

Starting in September 2020, we are offering your family a stable, safe educational option.

The Learning Continuity Program will provide your child (SK-2) with a transformational education in the STEAM subjects. Delivered on-site at our Scarsdale Rd. campus, or on-line when required, it will deliver a degree of certainty into your child’s education, safety and your daily routine.

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At Brick Labs Inc., our mission is to build creative, curious, and confident learners. We believe these three characteristics form the basis of a life-long successful student and engaged citizen of our community.
In a year that has seen a major disruption in our children’s education, it is not hard to imagine how difficult the instability and uncertainty has been for them. In all likelihood, this situation will continue into the year ahead. Parents have continued to express that the health and education of their children are their top priorities. In response, Brick Labs is offering the Learning Continuity Program: an educational program focused on these two priorities and our mission as our guide.

Principles of the LCP

  1. Engagement Through Purpose: All lessons are delivered with a “why we are learning this”, and “how and where we will apply it.”. This frames topics with a purpose children can understand.
  2. Creationary, Hands-on Exploration: The opportunity for playful learning with hands-on exploration of topics in our unique, STEAM based, maker-space.
  3. Personalized Learning : All children learn differently. The LCP allows instructors and students to work together, with a variety of methods, to ensure mastery of topics.
  4. Discovery Opportunities: With small classes, instructors can better understand what interests each child. Together they can create discovery opportunities by melding learnings with interests.
  5. Mentoring Positive Learning Attitudes: Throughout the program instructors will mentor students about personal responsibility, giving and receiving feedback, collaboration, creative expression, and effort.

Format and Serials

Students will participate in daily Math and Science classes. Additionally, they will have daily classes on 2 out of the 3 following subjects: Technology/Engineering, Social Studies, and Creativity. Students will have time for outdoor breaks and snacks. A variety of exercises to be completed on their own time, including reading, writing, and math repetition is recommended weekly. There will be a maximum of 8 students in the facility at any given time.

Students from SK to Grade 2 can apply for any one of the following serials:

Serial A – 8.30am to Noon – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Serial C – 1:00pm to 4.30pm – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Serial D – 8.30am to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday

Serial E – 8.30am to Noon – Monday to Friday – 3 Students

Serial F – 1pm to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday – 3 Students


Fees are all inclusive and are based on a minimum 4 month enrollment. Full payment (4 months) is due upon acceptance into the program. Space is not guaranteed until payment is received.

Sessions A or C: $650/month plus hst (September to June)

Session D: $1600/month plus hst (September to June)

Sessions E or F: $950/month plus hst (September to June)


  • June 2020 Applications Open
  • July – August 2020 Acceptance Letters Issued/Payments Due
  • 14 or 15 September – First Day of Class
  • 9 to 12 October – Thanksgiving Long Weekend
  • 13, 14 November – Closed
  • 23 Dec to 3 Jan – Closed
  • 12 to 15 February – Closed (Family Day)
  • 12 to 21 March – Closed
  • 2 to 4 April – Closed (Easter)
  • 21 to 24 May – Closed (Victoria Day)
  • 15 June – Last Day of Class

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Additional Information

The LCP is a secure way of educating your child for the upcoming school year. Secure in that your child will receive instruction continuously from September to June, on-site or virtually if required. There will be no break in learning if emergency orders are enacted again. We also believe, with only 8 children in our facility at any given time, you can rest assured that your child is well looked after in an environment that minimizes transmission risks.

The LCP will alleviate the need for you to be your child’s “full-time teacher”. Your child will have a well rounded STEAM education delivered professionally and with care.

Families who will be enrolling their children in the LCP are required to inform their current school, by letter, that they will be home-schooling their child. Home-schooling by a third-party (Brick Labs) is an acceptable and legal practice in Ontario. Complete information about home-schooling can be found here, including sample letters and the ins and outs of home-schooling.


Our Learning Continuity Program has just been launched, so we are answering your questions as they come in here.

How do the fees work?

Upon acceptance you will be billed for the first 4 months of the program. After that you will be billed monthly starting on Nov 1st for Jan, Dec 1st for Feb, etc. Until fees for the year are covered.

What about homework?

Children will be assigned reading and writing exercises. Additionally they will be provided with math repetition exercises. Ideally children should be reading about 45-60 minutes a day while they are at home. No major assignments will be sent home. Projects will be completed at Brick Labs with the assistance of their instructors.

What if we choose to withdraw?

You are free to withdraw at anytime, however any fees paid shall not be refunded. We suggest providing notice of withdraw to maximize the services you will be paying for.

Can we return to our regular school if we want to?

All children in Ontario are entitled to a free public education. You are allowed to return to a publicly funded school at anytime.

How will Brick Labs ensure my child is meeting the standards set in the Ontario curriculum?

We will maintain a spreadsheet of all the requirements listed in the curriculum for your child. As we move through the various subject areas and topics, it is our goal to ensure your child is achieving a mastery of the knowledge and skills required. We look at the curriculum as the minimum standard, and we will engage your child in a variety of activities to gain further knowledge and skills. We will provide parents and the child with regular feedback on what we are working on, and how your child is progressing.

The government recently announced they will be adding coding to the curriculum next year, what will you be doing?

We are glad to see this added to the curriculum for public schools. Technology was already part of our LCP. We have been teaching coding and robotics for the last 3 years, using 3 different robotics platforms depending on the child’s age and skills. Each child will have at least 2 classes a week working with their own robotics kit and tablet. They will be doing more than just “coding”. They will actually work on problem solving, design and building of their own robots as the year progresses.

What is covered in the arts/creativity sessions?

Creativity sessions are designed to allow children to be expressive with their ideas. Its a chance for them to showcase their imagination and work, in a positive environment, using a variety of techniques: public speaking, graphic stories, and short stop motion movies. Sharing creative ideas is where they will build their confidence.

Why the different sessions?

Sessions were created to allow for maximum flexibility in parent scheduling, comfort level, and desire to cover some learning by parents themselves. We will ensure all students will have a well rounded experience and learning regardless of the amount of time spent with us.

What would a typical day look like?

Each day will include sessions in Math and Science, not just lessons, but opportunities to explore concepts with hands on exercises. Students will also have sessions in Technology (robotics and coding) with their own robotics kit and tablet at a personalized workstation. Engineering classes will involve building devices, mechanisms and tools using LEGO education kits for mechanics, pneumatics, and renewable energy. Creativity sessions will allow students to delve deeper into subjects using their natural curiosity to explore and create passion projects in a variety of areas. Regular breaks to recharge their minds will also be scheduled. While there will be a schedule, students will have the opportunity to go “off-script” to work on areas of interests or work at mastery of a topic at their own pace. Children in our full-day program will also have extended physical activity sessions.

I have one child in Grade 1 and one in Grade 3, can you accommodate the older child?

Yes we can accommodate siblings when one is outside our posted program grades. Please contact us to discuss details and options.