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Parties & Birthdays

Build, test, and team up with one of our Brick Technicians in a lab of your choice. The package includes pizza and drinks for 12 builders, and you are more than welcome to bring your own cake.

Pizza & Drinks for 12 Builders
& we will serve your cake
2 Fun-filled Hours of building, joined by a Brick Technician
3 themes available:
Art & Architecture, Robotics or Transportation


We offer drop-ins, clubs and day camps where builders will learn new concepts and have a blast doing it!


We have a guided club for every age group, where you can challenge yourself and fellow builders. Our 4 themed labs teach everything from movie making to robotics. Whether you’ve never played with LEGO®, or you’re a master builder, you will learn something new and have fun! Our programs run for 10 weeks and each session is 90 minutes long.

Select a club:

Innovative Minds Club (ages 5-12)

This club incorporates educational elements from physics to mathematics with the creative use of bricks. Each week will feature an exciting experiment that teaches builders a new concept as well as utilizing problem-solving skills and peer collaboration with various challenges.

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World Architects Club (ages 5 - 12)

Builders will go on an adventure around the world by learning about different countries and their architectural wonders. They will then build a structure that represents each country and present their interpretation of what they have just learned. Through weekly presentations, children will improve their oral communication and presentation skills.

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Robotics 101 Club (ages 7 - 11)

Enter the world of robotics technology, where your builder will work with peers to achieve coding and programming skills. Using Mindstorm™ or LEGO® Boost robots, they will be challenged with various tasks and obstacle courses. Students are required to bring their own tablet.

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4-in-1 Club (ages 5 - 12)

The 4-in-1 club provides a unique experience for builders to discover our Arts & Architecture, Robotics, Transportation and Studio Labs. This hands-on experience will involve critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and innovative skills. They will be challenged with the construction of simple machines and structures, designing motor vehicles, and robotics technology.

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Brick Flick Club (ages 8 - 12)

Your future Oscar winner will gain insight into the world of movie making. Skills such as editing, producing, script writing and of course, stop-motion animation will be introduced and developed. Builders will work alongside our Brick Tech to create their own stop-motion animation short film. The final night of the club will be a “red carpet” screening for family and friends..

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Story Maker Club (ages 5 - 7, ESL 8 - 12)

Builders will use their imagination to develop stories, learn about character development, conflict and resolution, and what makes a good story, great. Story Maker builds vocabulary, oral communication, and presentation skills through small group exercises and discussions.

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Day Camps

Join Brick Labs on your next P.A. Day for 3 hours of building with LEGO® with new themed sets including: Ninjago®, Star Wars®, Friends®, and Elves®. Please check the booking page for the select dates when these day camps occur.

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Thought LEGO® was just for kids? We at Brick Labs have a range of exciting events for adults too! Join one of our adult clubs to mingle and build along with your local adult brick community.

Adult Clubs & Events

Check out our range of exciting events below.

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Club 92 (Adults 25+)

Take a night for yourself to mingle and build along with your local adult brick community. Engage with like-minded brick enthusiasts with model sharing and weekly themed-night challenges based on pop-culture. (25+)

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Brick-a-thon Event (Adults 25+)

Enjoy a night out by competing against your friends by discovering your inner brickness! Split up into teams and compete in challenges in each of our themed rooms. Up to 12 builders.

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Business to Business

Enhance innovation & performance
Unlock hidden expertise
Transform insight into shared goals

What is LEGO® Serious Play?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a science-based communication and problem-solving methodology designed to help organizations and teams make better and faster decisions. It ensures that everyone participates with equal voice and in a meaningful way, avoiding decisions being made, or overly influenced, by just a few individuals.

Decision making supported by the LSP method allows everyone at the table to not only contribute, but provides them with the underlying reasoning on how the decisions were made. From co-worker values and motives to depersonalizing conflict, the LSP methodology ensures emotionally supported decisions from all participants.

Brick Labs has crafted programs for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, families, and sports teams. Specific problem solving events include communication ground rules, developing values and visions statements, creating effective learning/high performance teams, breaking down corporate silos, and more. Each event is tailored to your organizations needs and desired outcomes.

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