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Brick Labs Academy

2021 Registration is now open for students in Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Brick Labs Academy provides students authentic, real world problem-solving opportunities to build their creativity, curiosity and confidence. The Academy is STEAM based learning for elementary students, with a learning through play focus.

STEAM is not an acronym… it’s a way of thinking. Working in a collaborative environment, students will be mentored in critical and computational thinking, learn to communicate effectively, and make connections with the world around them. Most importantly, they will have fun doing it.   Your child will be provided with positive experiences and memories to equip them with skills for a lifetime.

Positive educational experiences at a young age fosters the joy of learning, allows curiosity and creativity to flourish and prepares them to overcome the challenges of more difficult tasks and programs in the future.

Student led learning makes learning more inclusive. While we have a daily schedule and monthly goals, we never turn down the fantastic opportunities presented by students’ questions and interests. For example, this year, we have a student who is interested in bird watching. On our daily outdoor excursions, he shares knowledge on what he spots, which sparks questions from his classmates. It presents an opportunity to learn; a lesson can happen right away or on our return to the classroom.

Robotics Creations by our JK to Grade 2 students. Learning to code at an early age in a fun, creative way.

It’s more important than ever for children to be confident in applying their skills and knowledge. This takes an actively engaged and caring team of instructors. Our staff to student ratio of 1:6 allows for each student to receive the individual attention and emotional engagement for positive growth. Instructors are trained to ensure that students are supported in a learning environment, by prioritizing mentoring, facilitating discussions, and listening.

Our learning guide will be the Ontario curriculum for elementary students. However, this will only be the minimum base of knowledge for your child. In addition, your child’s learning will be supplemented with regular robotics and coding classes (each child will have their own robotics kit/tablet), engineering exercises, creative sessions, and extensive outdoor education/physical activity.

Schedule a Visit or Call

If you would like to schedule a visit or virtual call: email or call (416) 901-1390.

Annual Calendar/Daily Schedule

  • December 2020 – Applications Open
  • March 2021 – Initial Acceptance Letters Sent
  • 7 September – First Day of Class
  • 8 to 11 October – Thanksgiving Long Weekend
  • 24 Dec to 9 Jan – Winter Break
  • 18 to 21 February – Family Day Weekend
  • 12 to 20 March – Spring Break
  • 15 to 18 April – Easter Weekend
  • 20 to 23 May – Victoria Day Long Weekend
  • 21 June – Last Day of Classes

Our typical daily routine follows below, however we adjust when necessary to take advantage of learning opportunities or student interests.

  • 8.30 Start of Day
  • 8.40am – Learning Period
  • 10.00am – Snack and Outdoors
  • 11.00am – Learning Period
  • 12.00pm – Lunch and Outdoors
  • 1:00pm – Learning Period
  • 3:00pm – Snack and Outdoors
  • 4:00pm – Free Time/Coaching/Clean-up
  • 4:30pm – Pick-up


What Does it Look Like? What will my child be doing day to day?

The core of the program is STEAM learning. Everyday, students will engage in Math and Science with a hands-on, practical learning approach. Having extensively delivered much of the Ontario curriculum material, we believe that expectations in elementary learning are “light” for students. We will bolster the curriculum with memorable lessons, exercises and projects that will help them excel to a level of mastery in their grade and beyond because they will understand why they are learning it and where they will apply these skills.  With a 1:6 staff to student ratio, students will be free to accelerate their learning at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Math and Science will be supplemented with Technology (Robotics and Coding) and Engineering. In addition to their normal learning desk, students will have personal “tech desks” equipped with a robotics kit/tablet and access to various engineering builds and lessons.

We will also work creatively with Social Studies, Geography and History using our “adventure build” format for maximum engagement. Using internet resources, they’ll learn (and share with their classmates) about a country, region or time period by creating landscape models and role play as scientists, explorers, or historians. They’ll gain confidence by being active in their own and their peers’ learning process.

We believe in creating a learning journey with places for students to stop and be curious; engage and be creative; and build confidence and self-esteem.  Our staff will mentor, encourage and give feedback that is personal and effective. This will not feel like traditional school, but rather a safe, fun and collaborative place for children to experience personal learning growth.

What about homework?

Children may be assigned reading and writing exercises to work on at home. Ideally children and parents should be reading about 45-60 minutes a day (small blocks works best!).  No major assignments will be sent home. Projects will be completed at Brick Labs with the assistance of instructors. Collaborative projects will be featured in regular “expos” through the year for parents to come in and see what their children have created and are capable of doing. Major expos include: City, Robotics, Space, Art, and Innovation Engineer. Check out the stop motion movie made as part of our space expo below.

Student made!

Are fees tax deductible?

Fees paid should qualify for child care expenses. Consult your tax professional for complete advice.

What if we choose to withdraw?

You are free to withdraw at anytime, however any fees paid shall not be refunded.

Can we return to our regular school if we want to?

All children in Ontario are entitled to a free public education. You are allowed to return to a publicly funded school at anytime.

How will Brick Labs ensure my child is meeting the standards set in the Ontario curriculum?

We maintain a detailed file for your child of all the requirements listed in the curriculum. As we move through the various subject areas and topics, it is our goal to ensure your child is achieving a mastery of the knowledge and skills required. We look at the curriculum as the minimum standard, and we will engage your child in a variety of activities to gain further knowledge and skills. We will provide parents and the child with regular feedback on what we are working on, and how your child is progressing. As of March 2021, in the 2020/21 academic year, all our students are working a grade level above the Ontario curriculum standard.

What is covered in the arts/creativity sessions?

Creativity sessions are designed to allow children to be expressive with their ideas. It’s a chance for them to showcase their imagination at work, in a supportive environment, using a variety of techniques: public speaking, graphic stories, and short stop motion movies. Sharing creative ideas is where they will build their confidence and critical thinking skills.

We homeschool already, are there different enrolment options to supplement this?

We can discuss with you in detail what your expectations for learning would be at the Brick Labs Academy and see if we can accommodate a specialized schedule (half days, 2 or 3 full days, etc.).

I have one child in Grade 2 and one in Grade 5, can you accommodate the older child?

Yes we can accommodate siblings when one is outside our posted program grades. Please contact us to discuss details and options.

Where does your outdoor activity take place?

We are lucky to be located in an area surrounded by parks, playgrounds and walking trails. On-site, we have a small natural field dubbed “the science field”. Adjacent to our property is the Leaside Spur Trail/Don Mills Trail which leads to Bond Park, Duncairn Park, Talwood Park and beyond. Just across the street from us is Southwell Park and playground. We take full advantage of these fantastic, natural areas with the students.


Our annual fees are all inclusive. There are no additional fees for registration, no uniforms to purchase, no text book fees, etc. All fees are in Canadian dollars, HST exempt and should qualify as child care expense.

2021/2022 Annual Fee for full-time enrollment: $17,000/child

Fee schedule: $7,000 upon acceptance, $2500/month (Sep, Oct, Nov Dec).

Fees are payable by cheque, e-transfer, or debit. Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% fee. NSF fee is $50. Late payments subject to a 1.5% flat fee.

Sibling discount of 5% available.

Bursaries available for children with high potential, previous attendees of the LCP, Indigenous/First Nations students.

Alternative fee schedule can be arranged. Please contact us for details.