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STEAM 2021 – Saturdays

Our STEAM 2021 programs Saturday programs are now running. We offer rolling enrolment so start at anytime in the fall. In the event of government restrictions, you can choose from virtual classes or pausing your program without loss of classes. Need to miss a class? Never an issue with us, we ensure your child receives all the classes you have registered for.

All our programs are fun, educational and extremely engaging. Programs currently offered are for children 5 to 10 years of age, with suggested ages listed for each program on the booking page. Programming for older children will be reintroduced later this fall as the current situation continues to resolve.

We have a variety of programs on-site on Saturdays this fall, including: Mechanics & Engineering; Robotics/Coding; Art with LEGO; Creative Design; Science; STEM Challenge; Story Maker and Math. Programs are 60 to 75 minutes per week for 8 weeks. As always, we will cater to the individual skills and experience of each student.

Schedule – Saturdays

9am – Creative Design 60 mins

9am – Mechanics and Engineering 60 mins (2 levels Intro and Intermediate)

10.15am – Scientific Method

10.15am – Intro to Robotics with the LEGO WeDo 60 minutes (Intermediate level also available)

11.30am – Math in the Real World – Math Booster 60 minutes (Grades 1/2 and 3/4)

11.30am – Art with LEGO (Starts in Nov) 60 minutes

1.15pm – Story Maker (Starts in Oct) 75 minutes

1.15pm – STEM Challenge (Starts in Oct) 75 Minutes

Class sizes are limited to allow for maximum engagement and learning.

As the current situation resolves, we will add more program options and times.