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WINTER/SPRING 2023 – Extra-curriculars

Brick Labs offers fun, educational and extremely engaging programming for children 5 to 11 years of age . Programs focus on a variety of areas from the STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.) Our instructors use learning through play methods to ensure deeper and more memorable learning for your child. We offer rolling enrolment so start anytime this fall. Need to miss a class? Never an issue with us, we ensure your child receives all the classes you have registered for with easy rescheduling (some exceptions apply).

Winter/Spring 2023 Schedule

Please click on course title to register and select your preferred start date only. Course descriptions can also be found by clicking on title. Ages are recommended, 1 year older/younger may be appropriate.

ProgramRecommended AgesDay/TimeSessions
Intro Robotics and Coding5 to 9Saturday 9am8
Intermediate Robotics and Coding5 to 9Saturday 9am8
Advanced Robotics and Coding6 to 10Saturday 9am8
Intro Engineering5 to 9Saturday 10.30am8
Intermediate STEM Engineering5 to 9Saturday 10.30am8
Advanced STEM Engineering6 to 10Saturday 10.30am8
Creative Design5 to 8Saturday 12.30pm8
Robotics and Coding5 to 9 Saturday 12.30pm8
Advanced Robotics and Coding6 to 10Saturday 12.30pm 8
Arts and Science5 to 9Wednesday 4pm8
Intro Robotics and Coding5 to 9Wednesday 4pm8
Intro Robotics and Coding5 to 9Thursday 1pm8
Other Extra-curricular Programs
Elementary STEM League6 to 10Sat or Sun12
Season 4 starts Jan 2023

Robotics and Coding

We have 3 program levels to choose from: Intro, Intermediate and Skilled. In our Intro and Intermediate programs, students learn on the LEGO WeDo 2.0. The Introductory program takes them through the basic device functions (movement, sound, light, sensing) with a variety of fun builds and coding lessons. At the intermediate level, students are presented with more problem solving issues, giving them more freedom to be creative in their builds and logical in their codes.

In the advanced program, students will move to the LEGO Spike Prime Robotics kits. Using similar coding methods to the WeDo, students will now have a device that allows more functions to take place simultaneously, thereby allowing for larger, more complex builds and coding structures.

All our programs allow for students to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. Programs are 8 sessions long, 75 minutes per session.


Similar to our robotics program, there are 3 levels to our engineering program. Intro and Intermediate focus on motion concepts. In each of these programs, children follow an instructional build, then perform tests and experiments to actually see how the specific concept is being applied. Students then have the opportunity to get creative and apply the lesson by creating their own device. These programs are very hands on and experiential in their learning design. In the advanced program, students take their builds to the next level by using motors, advanced gear functions and structural design techniques to explore unique concepts in engineering. Students will also have the opportunity to building using pneumatics and renewable energy devices.