Corporate Play

Increase the engagement, morale and productivity of your team with our corporate play services.

Brick Labs offers team building exercises, LEGO Serious Play facilitation, and parenting support programs that can be customized for your organization. We work with your leadership team to design a program that achieves your goals and within your budget. The best part: our events and exercises deliver ongoing positive impact to your bottom line.

Team Building Events and Exercises

We offer events and exercises from 2 hours to multiple days using the world’s most popular creative medium (and toy) – LEGO. Everyone has felt the satisfaction of clicking bricks together, releasing their own personal creativity, curiosity and imagination. We then take it to the next level with your team by challenging them with an engagement, problem solving or communication exercise. Most importantly we ensure all members are involved and contributing for the most positive of experiences.

For the “return to office”, we have a 2 to 3 hour getting reacquainted exercise. Immensely fun because it allows team members to learn about each other through story telling.

Dive deeper with our Brick Bombardment exercise where each team member can share what is important to them. This half-day communication exercise will create a more solid team because what makes them tick is essential to being productive.

Looking for a morale booster? Have your team build the company logo, a giant sized version of your product or offices out of LEGO. Display it proudly in your facility for all to see what they can accomplish together through team work.

Extreme Problem Solver can be a half to full day exercise that focusses on achieving a non-work related goal together. Coaching through the day is provided by our team where we focus on how to communicate positively, making conflict effective, and critical thinking.

LEGO Serious Play Facilitation

Facilitating a meeting with LSP allows for more voices to be heard and creates better buy-in to ideas. This unique, hands on methodology also allows for more creative thinking and solutions by your team. Get away from white boards and virtual meetings, and step into a more productive and effective meeting solution.

Parenting Support Programs

Now more than ever, parents appreciate and need greater support for their children. Brick Labs will work with your HR team to design a parenting support program benefit. This low cost/high impact benefit is unique to Brick Labs as it addresses not only academic supports, but also social/emotional learning issues that have arisen for school aged children. We can help parents with specific actions, techniques and even referrals to get their children back on track. We offer workshops, tutorials and one-on-one sessions for your team members.

Company Play Day

Play isn’t just for children, adults need to play too! Set up a Brick Labs Corporate play day that will put a smile on everyone’s face. We’ll show up with everything you’ll need to have your team smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves at work once again. We don’t actually have to be there the whole day either. A one hour play break is just what the bottom line needs sometimes.

Contact Me

For more information or to discuss your needs further, please contact me, John Neretlis at or call me at 647 229-1664.