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The VIB Club at your school!

Children love this! The VIB (Very Important Builders) Club is the perfect blend of LEGO based STEM activities and creativity. Each week builders will engage in a STEM task and use LEGO® bricks to solve the challenge. Over progressive lessons, students will learn to work collaboratively, engage in critical thinking and understand the importance of communication in STEM activities. Most importantly, they will have a joyful learning experience with our learning through play methods.

Learning through play and STEM go hand in hand to engage students at a deeper level with the skills and knowledge needed for future learning success. Additionally, students will learn socially, by sharing findings and ideas in a friend filled environment.

Start a VIB Club at your school, as a lunch-time or after-school program.

Our trained and screened instructor will arrive with everything your VIB Club needs for their weekly lesson (LEGO, handouts, and materials). Students will work on solving a STEM-based experiential challenge during their one hour class. We’ll also provide expert coaching of the STEM skills: collaboration, communication, and critical thinking so they can arrive at great and innovative solutions.

Individual or School registration options.

Your VIB Club can be started with either individual student registrations and payments through our website, or by enrolment and single payment handled by your school. We’ll prepare a PDF Flyer for distribution to families with all the information they’ll need for registration.

The Details

The program runs for either 8 or 12 weeks/classes. Start and end times, and days, can be discussed prior to booking. Classes can be up to 1 hour in length.

Individual registration programs – minimum 12 students, maximum 20. – 8 Weeks $150/student. 12 weeks – $200/Student

School registrations – maximum 20 students. – 8 Weeks – $1500/ program, 12 Weeks – $2000/program

Available time slots – Monday and Thursday Lunchtime. Tuesday and Wednesday afterschool.

Program Registration Links

Denlow Grade 4-5

Denlow Grade 1-3


Finch Grade 1-5

Questions or Lesson Demos

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a demo of our lessons, please contact John Neretlis at or 647 229-1664.