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We’ll repurpose your used LEGO into awesome displays, experiments and art work for everyone to enjoy again. Whether its a complete model or a big tub of random pieces, we’re happy to recycle your children’s imaginations.

By donating your used LEGO, you help in so many ways. First, the obvious, the plastic bricks are not put into landfill. Second, we assign the value of your collection to our summer camp fund, helping families in need send their children to one of our awesome camps. Third, your bricks get to be used as a learning and loving medium for another generation (or two).

How it works?

Contact us to arrange a drop-off time at our Scarsdale Rd. location or a pick-up in the GTA. Repurposing your unused bricks is a great way to clear the clutter and ensure bricks will not end up in landfill. We occasionally find partial vintage models from past themes that we restore and get back on display. Our community really loves this!

If you are looking to get back into creative building and are not ready to part with your brick collection, we can help. Drop us a line for help with sorting, cleaning and tips on how to enjoy the world’s most popular toy again.

We’re really looking for the used electronic parts from the WEDO 2.0 robotics kit. If you have the hub, motor or sensors we would be thrilled to receive them to get some of our kits back up and running.

Since the start of us accepting used LEGO donations, you’ve helped over 100 children attend camp days at Brick Labs. Our goal for the 2023 Summer Camp season is to double that number.

Thanks Everyone.

Repurpose your used LEGO with Brick Labs.