Terms and Conditions

Consent and Agreement

I hereby:

  1. Give permission to my child (if applicable) to attend and participate in Brick Labs Inc group events and/or club programs as scheduled.
  2. Give permission to the Brick Labs staff to render preventative, first aid or emergency treatment, or all the foregoing, necessary to the participant’s health and well-being. In the event of serious injury/illness, the need for major surgery, or significant accidental injury, I understand an attempt will be made by the Brick Labs staff to notify the designated emergency contacts as soon as possible. If Brick Labs staff is unable to communicate with me, the treatment deemed necessary for the participant’s health and well-being may be given.
  3. Certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the medical information requested is complete and correct, and that no health-related situations preclude the participant’s participation in event/club program activities.
  4. Agree to assume all risk arising from participant’s participation in Brick Labs activities, including but not limited to any activities that may present risk of bodily injury.
  5. Agree to save, hold harmless, discharge and release Brick Labs Inc. for any and all liability, claims, causes of action, damages or demands in connection with the participant’s participation in all Brick Labs activities.
  6. Understand that any medical expenses for the participant’s health and well-being will be the responsibility of the self/parent/guardian.
  7. Agree to accept any decisions made by Brick Labs staff in the termination of the participant’s attendance due to unacceptable or unsafe behavior and agree to forfeit reimbursement of any Brick Labs fees and pay any associated costs relative to the decision.
  8. Understand that refunds, credits or changes to bookings are at the sole discretion of Brick Labs Inc. 
  9. Understand that any substantial misrepresentation about the participant or event details requested in the booking forms may result in termination of the booking, and that a refund will not be provided. 
  10. For Parent or Legal Guardian
    Certify that the I am the participant’s parent or legal guardian. On behalf of myself and my spouse, partner, co-guardian or any other person who claims the participant as a dependent, I have read the above Parental Guardian Release and Information. I understand the contents of this Parental Guardian Release and Information, assent to its terms and conditions, and sign it of my own free act.
  11. Refrain from using prohibited items in our facility for safety or interference of programming standards reasons.  For parties, we do not permit sparkler type candles, candles in excess of 4 inches, alcohol, food containing nuts or pinatas. Camp/program participants are not allowed: any dangerous items as determined by Brick Labs staff, cell phones, clothing with inappropriate wording/symbols, food containing nuts, other items as determined by management at its sole discretion. 
  12. Understand that Brick Labs employs security recording devices both at our facility and at off-site program delivery whenever and wherever practical. These recordings shall only be used for security, safety or training purposes and not for social media or advertising purposes. These recordings shall only be reviewed or viewed at the sole discretion of Brick Labs management or when required by law. 
  13. Charges apply for events that run overtime or for children who are not picked up by the posted end time of an event or class. Charges will be automatically billed for event overtime at a rate of $100/hour or part thereof. For late pick-up of child, charges are $20 per 10 minutes or part thereof.   

UPDATED June 2024