Always innovating, Brick Labs has evolved into a what families need: A joyful education centre where children love to learn.


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Whether you are looking for a full-time or weekly educational program, camps, a birthday party, or corporate event, Brick Labs offers a variety of services for builders aged 5 and up. Yes, its a lot to be good at...but that's what we do...make play an enjoyable learning experience. We work hard to deliver the best in services, and our Google reviews back this up.

Learning Values That Matter

We work on 4 principle values with our students: Imagination is Powerful, Trying is Learning, Effort is Exponential, and Collaboration Leads to Better. All of our programs incorporate these values in a practical manner. The encouragement and explanation of how these values can help students is emphasized from their first class to their last. The best learning happens when there is a good amount of fun involved, so even with a challenging build, we make sure fun happens.

Service, Above and Beyond

Since the day we opened, we have been listening to builders young and old. When something needs to be tweaked, changed, or added, we make it happen. Our goal: make every visit to Brick Labs exceptional. Since we opened we have added more models, more hands-on activities, more programs, and more events. We've made parties simple to book, especially for busy parents and camps that are the perfect mix of education and entertainment. Our staff continues to grow, not only in numbers, but with improved skills and knowledge. We are truly grateful to everyone for their comments, suggestions, and reviews.

The Community

While the majority of our services have been aimed at children and their families, we want to continue growing our community with AFOL (adult fans of LEGO), local groups, and our corporate neighbours. Please contact us or drop by to see how we can work together to create exceptional events for you.

Additionally, we have committed to doing more community outreach with schools, not-for-profits, and charitable organizations to support fundraising efforts and create accessible learning opportunities for all builders, regardless of financial status.