Safety Protocols – COVID 19

Brick Labs Inc. has always put the safety of our staff and guests first. With this in mind we believe all recommendations by public health authorities as currently outlined are a minimum standard for safety at our facility. Where ever possible we will exceed their recommendations.


Parents should screen their child prior to arrival for any event at Brick Labs. Please keep your child home should they exhibit sustained symptoms.


Guests may choose to mask as currently recommended by public health authorities. If a parent wishes to have their child masked during the day, please advise the staff at check-in and we will help enforce your decision. Staff have the option of wearing masks at their discretion.

Cleaning of Equipment and Facility

All LEGO bricks and equipment will be sanitized prior to the arrival of guests.

High risk areas include washrooms, hand wash stations, lunch room and door knobs. These areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. The remainder of the facility will be cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day. All staff have been trained in proper cleaning protocols.

All staff have access to appropriate PPE to use during cleaning procedures. All cleaning supplies shall meet the standard recommended by public health authorities.

Complete cleaning lists, by room/area are posted and must be checked off as completed. The Manager shall ensure all cleaning protocols are being met.

Personal Hygiene

Hand washing sinks have been established in addition to the sinks located in bathrooms. Proper hand washing techniques are posted. Campers and staff shall wash their hands:

  1. Upon arrival and before departure;
  2. Before and after meals and snacks;
  3. Before and after washroom visits;
  4. Before and after activity sessions, including outdoor activity;
  5. After making contact with their mouth, nose or face; and
  6. Whenever a staff member deems it appropriate.

In the lobby and in each room, their will be hand sanitizer available for use. When hand washing is not practical, campers and staff shall use hand sanitizer.

Snacks and Meals

Snacks and meals shall be run by cohort. Between cohorts, the lunch room shall be cleaned and sanitized.

Consumption of food shall be limited to the lunch room, or when available, an outdoor eating area.

All campers shall bring a water bottle. Staff will refill water bottles as required.

Campers will only consume food that they have brought. There will be no sharing of food or drinks allowed. On pizza days, staff shall serve pizza using sanitized serving utensils on to disposal plates.

Personal Belongings

Campers will need to bring the following items daily, in a single back pack:

  1. lunch and snacks;
  2. Water bottle;
  3. Sun screen, hat, and insect repellent; and
  4. Book or magazine;

Campers shall refrain from bringing extraneous items like small toys, electronics, money or valuables.

Children who need/desire to bring “stuffies” or other comfort items will need to leave these items in their back packs. They may not be brought into the classrooms.


Staff will enforce all rules without exception. When appropriate, they will remind children firmly to follow the rules set up for their safety. If a child refuses to follow established protocols, the manager will advise parents. Depending on the seriousness of the transgressions and/or the attitude of the child towards the rules, the manager may segregate the child and/or advise the parent to come pick up the child. The child will not be permitted to return to camp and their will be no refund of fees.

Illness and Injury

Campers who take ill during the day shall be isolated. Parents shall be notified and pick up arranged. Staff shall monitor the status of the ill child until the parents arrival. Remaining campers shall be grouped by cohort until pickup by parents. The manager shall maintain contact with the family to keep informed on the camper’s status. If the camper is confirmed positive for COVID-19, management shall ensure that the following groups are notified: Public Health; staff; all families that may have come into contact with the affected camper. Closure and cleaning of the facility shall follow public health guidelines.

In the event of camper injury, staff will administer first aid after donning PPE (gloves and shields). Normal protocols for informing parents shall take place.

Additional Guidance

Additional guidance can be found here.

This page will be updated as required. Last updated 18 March 2022