Summer Camps 2024 – North York

Welcome to Brick Labs’ Summer Camps 2024. Toronto’s best LEGO summer camp! We have a fantastic summer planned for children aged 5 and up with over 20 different themes for every interest and LEGO lover.

Less than 25% of spaces still available! Book now as many camps are fully booked.

LEGO Summer Camp runs daily from 8.30am to 4.00pm at our main campus 41 Scarsdale Rd Unit 12 (York Mills & Leslie) with free extended care until 5pm. Campers will need to provide their own snacks and lunch (nut-free), except on Friday, when we provide a pizza lunch.

All our camp themes are designed to include a mix of learning and entertainment for your child. Using our learning through play methodology engages children at a deeper level with the concepts they need for success.

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Each week we offer different themed camps based on age groups. Click on the camp name below for description, pricing and registration. Please read descriptions for each LEGO summer camp in our booking section, or give us a call for more detailed information on suitability for your child. If the camp lists 1 space left, and you need 2 for siblings, please contact John at We should be able to have them both in the same camp.

WEEKLY lego summer CAMP SCHEDULE – NORTH YORK – Click on camp name to link to booking and information

5-1117-21 June 2024Art & Architecture$525Available
5-624-28 June 2024LEGO Vehicle Engineering$5252 Spaces Left
7-924-28 June 2024LEGO City-Builder$525Available
8-1124-28 June 2024Robotics & Coding (Spike Prime)$5502 Space Left
5-82-5 July 2024Spy Kids 2 – The Henchmen Rise$479Available
8-112-5 July 2024Entrepreneur Incubator – The Play Zone$5002 Spaces Left
6-82-12 July 2024Robotics & Coding (WeDo 2.0)$11004 spaces Left
5-88-12 July 2024Ninja City Adventure$525Available
8-118-12 July 2024Advanced Builders – Micro Scale Design$550 1 Space Left
5-615-19 July 2024LEGO Friends – Neighbourhood Heroes$5254 Spaces Left
7-1115-19 July 2024Star Wars – May the Bricks be with you$525Available
7-1115-26 July 2024Robotics & Coding (Spike Prime)$1175Sold Out
5-622-26 July 2024LEGO Vehicle Engineering$525 3 Spaces Left
7-922-26 July 2024Structural Engineering Sciences$5501 Space Left
8-1122-26 July 2024Advanced Builders – Great Ball MachineSold OutSold Out
5-929 Jul-2 Aug Mission Mars$5255 Spaces Left
8-1129 Jul-2 AugAdvanced Builders – Building Interiors$5505 Spaces Left
6-8 29 Jul-9 AugRobotics & Coding (WeDo 2.0)$11004 Spaces Left
5-66-9 Aug 2024LEGO Friends – Exploring Adventures$4791 Space Left
7-96-9 Aug 2024Art & Architecture$479Available
8-116-9 Aug 2024Advanced Builders – Building Exteriors$5502 Spaces Left
5-612-16 Aug 2024LEGO City EngineerSold OutSold Out
7-912-16 Aug 2024Wizarding Magic$5255 Spaces Left
7-1112-23 Aug 2024Robotics & Coding (Spike Prime)$1175Sold Out
5-919-23 Aug 2024LEGO World Constructor Tour$525Available
5-926-30 Aug 2024Spy Kids 3 – When Good goes Bad$525Available
5 to 10VariousSingle Camp Days – Check Calendar$115
Joyful STEM learning in progress!

Our daily schedule normally includes 3 LEGO-activity learning periods (may take place outdoors depending on weather), 3 periods of outdoor play/sports, and 2 periods of free-build. Outdoor activity may take place in local parks (Bond Park or Southwell Park), on-site, or on local walking paths. Sample schedule below.

  • 8.30 – 9.00 Arrival/Free-Build
  • 9.00 – 10.00 First Activity Period
  • 10.00- 11.00 Snack and Outdoor Play
  • 11.00 – 12.00 Second Activity Period
  • 12.00 – 1.00 Lunch and Outdoor Play
  • 1.00 – 2.15 Third Activity Period
  • 2.15 – 3.15 Snack and Outdoor Activity
  • 3.15 – 4.00 Free-Build/LEGO library
  • 4.00 – 5.00pm Pick-up/Free-Build/Search and Find/Mini-Figure builds


Camps are divided into 1 of 4 classrooms, with one lead instructor per class. Our lead instructors have been with us continuously, year round, for a number of years. They are fully trained in all our procedures, protocols and believe and live our mission and values.

Additional instructors and leaders in training may assist with more technical classes and during outdoor activities to provide a ratio of 1:8. Everyone has been vetted to ensure children are safe and well taken care of. In addition to lead instructors, instructors and leaders in training, the Director or designate is on site daily.

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DUE TO CUSTOMER CHOICE: The customer may, with no less than 4 weeks notice, transfer a camp week to a another camp week of similar value within a year of the original booking date or receive a credit for any service (with the exception of Birthday Parties) available at Brick Labs.

5% Administrative fees apply on all cancellations.


Customers who fail to provide notice of cancellation at least two weeks in advance (no show) shall forfeit any fees paid. Notice may be provided by email, by phone or in person.

There will be no financial allowances, credits or make-up days for any missed camps days.

Customers/children who fail to change inappropriate behaviour after having been cautioned by the Brick Labs staff will forfeit fees and not be allowed to return to the facility. Inappropriate behaviour includes but is not limited to: physical, verbal or sexual harassment of staff or customers; not following safety rules or regulations; continued disregard of direction; intentional destruction or damage to property; theft; interfering with the enjoyment of other campers; inappropriate, profane or sexual language.

Playground at Southwell park. Just a 2 minute walk from Brick Labs.
Exploring nature right in our backyard during an outdoor activity period.
Intro Robotics and Coding Camp


Thank you for enrolling your child in a Brick Labs Inc. LEGO Summer Camp. The purpose of this package is to ensure your camper has a safe and fun time while participating in our highly engaging and active camps. Please take a few minutes to read this package thoroughly. If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing us at or by phone at 416-901-1390.

Please note the information in this package may be updated from time to time. The most up to date welcome package will be sent to you 1 week before your camp begins.

Drop Off

Brick Labs is located at 41 Scarsdale Road – Unit 12, Toronto. Our entrance, with a drop-off zone, is in the drive way on the south side of the building. Drop-off will take place at this entrance daily for all campers. The drop-off/pick-up lane is now one-way from the back of the property to the front. Please circle around the building and approach our doors from east to west.

You can drop off your camper as early as 8:20am daily. Late arrivals may ring the doorbell and we will come outside for screening as soon as possible. You may also park your vehicle in any non-reserved spot on the property while you drop off your camper.

If your child has a fever or is experiencing flu like symptoms (vomiting), please keep them home for a period of 24 to 48 hours or until symptoms no longer exhibit.

What Your Camper Should/Should Not Bring to Camp

Your camper should arrive daily with the following items:

  1. Filled water bottle
  2. 2 nut-free healthy snacks for two different snack breaks
  3. A lunch, Monday to Thursday; each Friday we will provide a pizza lunch (at no additional fee)
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Bug repellent
  6. Weather appropriate outerwear (hat, running shoes, sunglasses, etc)
  7. Change of clothing
  8. If necessary: epi-pen and/or medication. (Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for safe storage or administration procedures of any medication)

Each camper will have a personal area to store their items. Please ensure all personal items are identified with your child’s name or initials. Iron-on name tags or sharpies work well.

Your child should not bring:

  1. Electronics, phone, camera, etc.
  2. Any foods with nuts
  3. Personal items of value or sentimental value
  4. Personal LEGO
  5. Stuffies, toys, blankets
  6. Any item that can be a danger to them or to others

Prohibited items will be held by camp staff and returned at the end of day to parents.


Daily pick-up is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm at our main door (same area as drop-off). Upon arrival, please provide our team member with your name and your camper’s and we will have your camper come out to you.

On Thursday afternoon at pick-up or Friday morning at drop-off, we encourage you to make time to come in and view your campers’ creations.

Absences/Late Arrivals

If your camper will be arriving late or will be absent, as a courtesy please let us know via email or a call at 416 901-1390. Unfortunately we can provide make-up days or credit for any days missed.

Safety Protocols

On the first day of every camp week, campers will be briefed on all safety protocols prior to the first instructional period. Briefings will include safety protocols for evacuation, lock down, travelling to playgrounds, personal safety/behaviour and hygiene. Campers are expected to follow safety procedures and protocols at all times. Staff will provide reminders for younger campers regularly. Campers who openly disregard safety procedures and protocols repeatedly may be expelled from camp without refund. 

For camper safety, our facility has video surveillance equipment in all public areas managed by Brick Labs Inc. There are also video cameras located around the exterior of the property under our landlord’s control.

Hand washing sinks are available in the main hallway, and children will be required to use them regularly. Campers will be able to use bathrooms whenever necessary.

Each camp cohort will have a separate classroom and assigned specific instructor(s). Cohorts will be assigned at the beginning of the week based on age. Siblings/friends may be grouped together if requested.

Parents must advise us, if they have not already done so, of any allergies their camper has, and treatment if required (epi-pen or medication).

Campers who are injured or become ill (non-COVID) during the day will be provided with appropriate first aid and if necessary, medical attention. Parents will be notified as soon as possible. Campers who exhibit COVID symptoms will be isolated and parents contacted as soon as possible to arrange pick-up.


Abusive, bullying or harassing behaviour will not be tolerated. Parents will be contacted should their camper be the instigator or if their child is being abused, bullied or harassed.

Campers who use inappropriate language, demonstrate behaviour that is not socially acceptable, or regularly break rules will be cautioned, removed from their cohort temporarily (timed out) and have their parents informed. Continued behaviour of this nature will result in expulsion from camp without refund. 

Campers who physically abuse a camper or counsellor shall be removed from their cohort and placed in supervised isolation. Parents shall be notified and required to attend camp immediately. The Camp Director shall determine the consequences for the camper. They may consult with the parents but shall make the decision that is in the best interest of camp safety.  

The Camp Director, on a first offence, must make a decision as a consequence of physical abuse or sustained bullying or harassment from the following list:

  1. Suspension for the remainder of the day and/or following day;
  2. Suspension for the duration of the camp program; or
  3. One year suspension from Brick Labs programs.

On a second offence, the Camp Director must suspend the camper for a period of one year.   

All incidents must be documented as per the Abuse and Harassment Policy.  


Comfy clothing that is suitable for active outdoor times is expected on all days. We suggest campers have a sweater just in case they find the temperature a little cool inside or out. Shoes are required indoors at all times. Running shoes and hats are strongly recommended, as well as any other items appropriate for outdoor activity. Ensure all clothing and personal items are labeled with name or initials (iron-on labels or sharpies work well).

Snacks and Lunch

Campers need to provide their own snacks and lunch throughout the week, except for Friday lunch (see below). Each day has two snack breaks, so please ensure sufficient healthy, nut-free snacks are packed. If your child requires their lunch to be warmed up, please pack it in a microwavable container, and our team will gladly warm it for them.

Occasionally during the week, we will provide campers with “freezies” or popsicles. If you would prefer your child not receive these treats, please let us know at drop-off or by email.

Snacks and lunch must be taken in the designated lunchroom or outdoors. Campers are not permitted to consume food or beverage in classrooms or common spaces.

Friday Pizza Lunch

It is a tradition at Brick Labs that Friday is pizza lunch day. We supply pizza (cheese or pepperoni/cheese). Pizza will be served by staff to campers in accordance with safety protocols. If your camper requires a special selection (gluten free, dairy free) please let us know via email as soon as possible. We unfortunately cannot accommodate for campers who do not like pizza; please ensure they are provided their own lunch on Friday.

Instructional Time

We have three or four instructional periods per day, approximately one hour each. These will take place in their assigned classroom and follow a specific lesson plan for their themed camp. If possible, we will take some of these lessons outdoors.

Outdoor Time

There are three specific outdoor periods scheduled daily for physical activity. We have a variety of on-site and off-site areas that we use including Southwell Park, Bond Park, and the Don Mills Trail. Barring severe weather, we try to spend a minimum of 50 minutes outside for each session. Outdoor time is less structured, and children are provided with a variety of sports equipment and toys to choose from.

Free Build Time

Our campers love having some “free-build” time where they can unleash their creative side or build a kit from our LEGO library of sets. These sessions are scheduled at the start and end of each day as time permits.


Throughout the week, your camper’s creations will be kept for display on Thursday afternoon (after 3:30pm) and Friday morning at 8:30am for your viewing. Creations can not be taken home. We are happy to provide extensive photographs for your child to recreate their builds with their own LEGO at home.


Our campers are truly excited by their builds and creations and want to share everything they have done with their parents. Throughout the week we may be taking photographs or videos of your camper’s creations and camp experiences. We try to share these recordings only with the parent of the child in the photo or video during the week via email. Identifiable photos/videos may be used for social media posts, marketing or the like only with your express permission. Please advise us via email if you would prefer no photos/videos be taken of your child.

We have extensive video surveillance inside public areas of our facility. These videos are only used for safety and security reasons. Access to recordings is limited to management personnel only.  


We believe strongly in good communication with our client families. We do our best to interact daily with parents at drop off and pick up to address your questions or special requests.

During the day, we can be reached at 416-901-1390 or by email at The Director can be reached at any time at 647 229-1664 or at

If your camper expresses any concerns about their camp experience or there is an incident you would like us to address, please contact us as soon as possible so we can take action right away.


We maintain a small selection of items for purchase. Purchases can be made daily between 4:00pm and 5:00pm daily by credit, debit, cash or charged to your credit card on file. 

Special Requests

We will do our best to accommodate special requests such as, but not limited to:

  • Being in the same cohort as a friend
  • Reminder for bathroom visits
  • Birthday recognition
  • Prepared for an early departure

Please email us at or speak to us at drop-off or pick-up.

Director’s Note

Each and every day, we remind campers that our job is to make sure they have a safe and fun day… in that order. It is a simple message that has worked well over the years.

Our staff are trained to make Brick Labs’ camp an entertaining and educational experience. Sometimes the skills learned are “hard” such as robotics, engineering, etc., while others are more “soft” skills including collaboration, communication, respect, effort, and pride. Our goal is to build creative, curious and confident learners in our community.

We appreciate your support, questions and feedback.

John Neretlis


Brick Labs Inc.

416 901-1390

Updated 5 October 2024